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Here we list our site stats and how many people we’ve helped find a job and companies have found recruits. It's a pretty awesome stats area!

  • 35 Jobs Posted
  • 21 Jobs Filled
  • 12 Companies
  • 3 Members

Companies We’ve Helped

Some of the companies we've helped recruit excellent applicants over the years.


Kind Words From Happy Customers

Kites Consulting has the experience required to deal with technologically advanced client requirements that we have. Our clients have always paid the top dollar for the best in the class resources and needless to say they are very picky on the type of candidates they hire.


I have known the principal of Kites for a very long time and have worked with them on many occasions. They are very professional and trustworthy partners. I would strongly recommend them for IT resource needs.


I have worked with Kites twice in 3 years. Whenever I am in the job market I prefer contacting them as they get me the jobs that are a great fit for my experience. They pay on time and try to get the best deal for the candidate. I have also referred my friends to them.


We work in the federal government contracting space and have regular needs for security cleared personnel. Kites have done a decent job to find such talent for us. They have a good understanding of the clearance world and that has helped us partner on several occasions.


How It All Works

As mentioned earlier we assist vendors and clients with IT resource needs. If you have a need you can send us an email or call us. We will gather all the following basic details
- Job Description which includes responsibilities and duties
- Most important skill/experience/attribute you are looking in a candidate
- Salary or Rate information
- Location
- Interview process
- Start date of the position
- Best time to schedule an interview
We will present fully qualified candidates for the role. If we do not have a contract then we will need to formalize our relationship by signing an agreement else we will present candidates with full contact details

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